Cleopatra Island

48710 Sedir Adası, Marmaris/Muğla, Türkiye
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Popularly known as Cleopatra’s Island, its the site of ancient Kedreai. This island boasts an incredible beach whit fine sand composed of fossils and a magnificent view of the Kiran mountains across the bay. Many guide books suggest that you take your evening cocktail to the theater at sunset to experience an atmosphere not found in many places, not everyone takes the advice so don’t worry about it being too crowded. As you sail along the island’s south-western coast, forest stretch out to meet the deep inlets of the bays. The jagged coastline, known as the Bay of Sixty-six Inlets, has an almost surreal appearance as though it were the imaginary scenery in the oft-told tales of pirates. Numerous coves and little bays offer such incredible anchorages as Sogut core with it’s freshwater stream, Kers Cove and Degirmanbuku,also known as “English harbour” in memory of an English World War II. Another interesting place in the gulf is the Seven islands, A group of, surprising, four isles forming an exquisite harbor of translucent sea and rich aquatic life